I'm Joca

I believe in design that raises a subject and makes people


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Project – Massine Making music improvisation more accessible

Massine is a tool to influence music around you by dancing to control sound effect filters. Special movements trigger effects on other instruments. I developed a wide range of competencies, most notably Design Process, Form & Senses, User Focus & Perspective and Integrating Technology among others.

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Assignment – Intercultural Awareness Using the theory of cultural dimensions

Hofstede’s theory of cultural dimensions was the core of this assignment. I applied the theory by interviewing Jorge Alves Lino and by group discussions. I also got to know other fellow students a little better.

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Total Design

Self-directed & Continuous Learning Making my goals SMART'er

Last semester my goals were somewhat disconnected from my vision. Setting more specific goals that have a clear relation with my vision is a first step in succeeding. The result is a balanced and solid base for SDCL.

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Designing Business Processes Broader than money and entrepreneurship

Following the course Disruptive Business Models and organizing a Business Model Canvas Workshop for my project group helped in learning what this competence means.

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Future My goals for the next semester

Based on my growth in the different competences, I have set new goals. I also made plans for the activities that I am going to do in the new semester. Everything is bundled in my draft PDP.

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