Hello there!

My name is Joca and I am a designer and writer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Currently I study media design: experimental publishing at the Piet Zwart Institute. Recently I graduated from TU/e Eindhoven University of Technology where I got a BSc. degree in industrial design.


In my work I like to combine the digital with the physical, using my wide range of interests. For example graphic and interaction design, writing and the Brazilian culture.
Depending on the context the result could be a website, musical instrument or even a political campaign.

I am very dedicated to the things I do and I love to collaborate with other people from different disciplines. In projects I am able to switch quickly between an analytical and a hands-on approach, constantly looking for new ways to contribute.

“ Honest, willing to share his opinion, with a healthy dosis of humor!”

Cindy van den Bremen - teacher at TU/e Industrial Design

Why I design


I worked on a design research project about expression in tangible shape-changing interfaces

Design is a great way to dive into another world than my own. An important part of the process for me is diving into a context, questioning the systems that are part of that. The resulting design is my tool to express my thoughts and hopefully something that inspires people, making them think and smile.

In the documentary Dutchness designer Bertjan Pot says "For me, the reason for making products is that you want to share something that you can't put in a book or a picture".
I agree with that statement, in the sense that some ideas need a different form than the default media. Finding out the right medium for that thought, being it a video, site or a chair, is what fascinates me.


Visual- Exploratory sketching, photography (digital & film), video, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects

Prototyping - Invision, Arduino, woordworking, soldering, lasercutting, sewing (wearable tech), materials, Processing

User reseach - Interviews, persona creation, scenarios, explorative and validating user-tests, co-creation sessions

Writing - Copy, editorial work, press releases

Front-end development - HTML/CSS/Jquery, Bootstrap, Wordpress, Kirby CMS

Professional skills - Giving presentations, leading meetings and workshops,
Speaking and writing in Dutch and English on professional level. Basic level French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Interested in working with me? Let's talk!