Hearing the urgence of phone notifications

People receive a lot of notifications on their phone. It is possible to mute apps totally and miss important messages, or hear all the sounds and get distracted. Note-ify helps you to hear the urgency of alerts on your phone, without the need for reaching for the device.

It uses the notification tunes set by the user and applies a sound effect to indicate the urgency. Loud and fast for important messages. Soft and slow for less important messages, like a background sound you can hear, but that doesn't take your full attention.
By waving over the phone, you can get a glance of all updates that arrived on the device in the form of a soundscape.

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Concept, sound design, video

An example of applying the sound effects on a default notification sound of Android Lollipop


Not important

Mapping tables for the sound effects in a normal situation, and when music is playing on the phone.


Using an importance ranking model as used in Gmail's priority inbox, it is possible to analyze the urgence of notifications and assign the right sound effect to it.